Since 1994, we have been providing ready-to-use software products, custom software development and related IT services to customers in banking & finance, healthcare, retail, law enforcement and public sector. Our blend of proven delivery methodologies, deep expertise in different domains and rich technology competence enables us to deliver the widest range of software solutions.


Software Application Development

CORRBEE renders full-cycle custom & hybrid software development services, staffing the projects with top development and architecture design experts and taking an experience-driven approach that few other vendors can match to build reliable, scalable and secure applications that meet the requirements your business encounters.

Enterprise Application Integration

We plug together custom-built, legacy and 3rd-party applications, drawing on a well-crafted set of integration patterns, including point-to-point and middleware-based integration and opting for message bus, centralized or J2EE Connector architecture to design reliable and secure EAI solutions that suit your business’ operation processes.

Information Systems Implementation

CORRBEE’s analysts and engineers facilitate end-to-end implementation of line-of-business systems, spanning process re-engineering, quality assurance and installation. We opt for a phased approach, piloting the new system via a restricted beta, thus, allowing your team to get familiar with new functionalities, perform user training and eliminate any kinks before a full-scale rollout.

Maintenance  and Support

We walk an extra mile, helping companies and organizations ensure round-the-clock efficiency and serviceability. Our support team provides 24/7 or 8/5 L1-L3 support services to help your business get back on track in case of an emergency and enable your clients or employees enjoy unimpeded access to mission-critical data and transactions.



CORRBEE ® is a brand name of LMA-ISIDA Group – the international group of companies which specializes in software application development and information systems implementation. Since 1994, we have been providing mission-critical software solutions to banks, industrial enterprises, health facilities, law enforcement and public authorities. The Group consists of: LMA, Inc. (founded in 2005) and Isida-Informatica, LLC. (founded in 1994). Now LMA-ISIDA Group has 4 software development, implementation and support centers in Belarus (Minsk, Vitebsk) and Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg) with highly qualified specialists – system analysts, software developers, engineers.

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Minsk, Belarus
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Vitebsk, Belarus
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Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, Russia


Ready and proven in practice software solutions for various business needs and application areas:

Electronic records retention / Big data analytics

Client documents processing and customer profiles management

Business process management / Workflow management

Road rules violation automatic ticketing / Traffic enforcement

Meeting and agenda management

Emergency medical services management

Mobile service for registration of reports on accidents

Enterprise content management

Robotic warehouse management

Electronic document management / Task management

Biometric digital signatures in client servicing

Fleet management / Taxi dispatching

Mobile application for ambulance with map navigation support