June 20, 2018

Corrbee Software Platform for Electronic Records Retention

The platform is designed for reliable retention and high-duty processing of huge volumes of electronic records automatically received from different sources. The solution can be used for bank, tax, medical, legal, technical and other electronic records retention.

Fast automatic downloading of information from various sources

The information is automatically loaded from the source systems; various integration technologies and protocols of interaction are supported. As ready electronic records, and raw data can be loaded; in the latter case automatic generation of records by given templates is supported. The format-logic control of incoming records and automatic extraction of attributes are provided.

Universal data storage format

Electronic records are stored as objects of a special format which are universal information containers. Each object consists of record content, attributes and digital signatures (if any). As the content can be placed structured data, image files, text and other information. The electronic document format is a universal, does not depend on the currently used hardware and software platforms and provides reliable and safe storage of various information, including long-term retention.

Flexible Workflow Management

The solution supports workflow definition and execution for electronic records before they are placed into the storage (for example, a visual or automatic verification or signing using digital signatures).

Automatic Data Conversion and Analytical Processing

The solution provides rich opportunities of analytical processing, automatic classification and aggregation of electronic records.

Safe and Secure Storage of Information

Electronic records are placed into on-line storage. Retrieval attributes are created automatically. Access rights management and operation logging are provided. The solution allows to export electronic records and to write them onto removable data media (disks, tapes, etc.) for remote secure storage.

Rich Search Capabilities for Records and Work With Them

Users are provided with a variety of functions for working with electronic records: search by various criteria, receiving and viewing, the formation of collections, reports generation, etc.

Modern Industrial Software Architecture

The solution is built in accordance with the industry standard of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition software architecture. Various operating systems, application servers, DBMS and ECM platforms (both commercial and freely distributed), as well as Big Data technologies are supported.

Highest performance

The solution is characterized by high reliability and exceptional performance. For example, in one of the banks stable work in surplus load mode was provided, when tens of millions of records per day are downloaded, and the number of stored electronic records is measured in tens and hundreds of billions of items.