February 6, 2019

Corrbee Pay-in-Office

  • Clerk authentication and authorization
  • Getting trip info required for check (from Esfion Blackbox or existing Dispatch System) on behalf of the driver
  • Adding extra fees by manager
  • Choosing/Entering tips on behalf of the customer
  • Supports three payment options based on taximeter, manual and fixed price
  • Supports Paratransit cards (service for people with disabilities)
  • Initiates a payment transaction and gets its result*
  • Storing transactions history and sends it to Corrbee Cashiering Service
  • Printing receipt
  • Supports refunds by customer claims
* POS-terminal accepts all types of bank cards (chipped, magnetic stripe, contactless) and works with contactless payment technologies (Apple Pay, Google Pay). All transactions are secured as required by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and EMV standard (EuroPay + Mastercard + Visa).

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